Offering Fashion Jewelry

Lefeng Jewelry has extensive experience in manufacturing a full range of high-quality jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. From prototyping to full production, we never underestimate any detail.

With an eye towards meeting our customers’ expectations, our team is dedicated to making good quality products that look good.


Bring Beauty into Life

We see the boundless, creative power of fashion jewelry where enjoyment, beauty, and personalization come together like never before.

Therefore, we focus on improving our products’ quality and appearance to bring your customers happiness and amusement.

Our Certificates

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    Lead and Cadmium Test Report

    Lefeng can provide lead and cadmium content testing reports that are fully compliant with REACH testing standards for stainless steel, with no traces of harmful heavy metals.

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    Nickel Release Test Report

    We use the best 316L stainless steel without any nickel release to ensure that customers are not allergic during wearing.

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    Salt Spray & Artificial Sweat Test Report

    We use the most advanced in-furnace vacuum plating technology, metal plating is scratch-resistant, anti-corrosion, and will never fade for 1-2 years.

Meet Our Team

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    Yevvte Liang

    Sales Assistant

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    Tiffany Zhu

    Sales Assistant

  • p08 S04 img 04

    Elaine Zhang

    Sales Director

  • p08 S04 img 01

    Jeson Liu


  • p08 S04 img 08

    Linda Dai

    Vice President

  • p08 S04 img 05

    Alice Li

    Chief Designer

  • p08 S04 img 06

    Janice Lai

    Senior Coordinator

  • p08 S04 img 07

    Olivia Chen

    Sales Manager

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