Pendant Necklace

Lefeng Jewelry offers a full range of custom pendant choker necklace options. The necklaces are beautiful and varied in style, so they can be worn in a variety of situations.

  • Materials

    Stainless steel, 925 sterling silver, alloy, copper, etc.

  • Styles

    Long, choker, layered, chunky, etc.

  • Stones

    Crystal, CZ stone, rhinestone, natural stones, etc.

  • Logos

    Laser or engrave

  • Colors

    Gold, rose gold, silver, black and rainbow, etc.

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Chain Necklace

Wholesale more than 100 styles of chain, available in a variety of sizes, depending on the size and design of the pendant, we will recommend the most suitable chain for choker and necklace.

  • Materials

    Stainless steel, 925 sterling silver, copper, etc

  • Sizes

    women size: 14inch – 36inch, men’s sizes are 18inch – 24inch, and all customizable for you.

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Roll With The Best Materials

  • p02-s04-img-2-stainless-steel-necklace

    Stainless Steel Necklaces

    We offer a wide range of sizes for men, women and children. For Lefeng uses skin friendly stainless steel to make a variety of jewelry designs that will attract more customers to your products.

  • p02-s04-img-3-925-sterling-silver-necklace.jpg

    925 Sterling Silver Necklaces

    Our 925-sterling silver necklaces are durable and elegant. We use only carefully selected 100% sterling silver, from certified factories, to produce all of our necklaces.

  • p02-s04-img-4-copper-necklace

    Copper Necklaces

    We can use copper materials to make a variety of complex 3D shaped necklaces. These are great quality and come at a lower price than sterling silver necklaces.

  • p02-s04-img-1-zinc-alloy-necklace

    Zinc Alloy Necklaces

    Lefeng uses zinc alloys to manufacture necklaces, so that we can offer you high-quality and cost-effective necklaces.

Why Choose Lefeng Jewelry

Full Customization

Using your unique design and noting all your requirements, our team will start the production process, including molding, polishing, inspection and packing. We offer a full suite of customized necklace options, which allows you to choose your own comprehensive, highly customizable project.

  • All Materials
  • All Sizes
  • Any Shapes & Face Types
  • Full Colors Ranges


Flawless Finishes

Each pendant and accessory are smoothed using a fully automatic glazing machine to remove any burrs and roughness from the surface. They are then double polished to achieve complete smoothness and cleanliness, ensuring a high-quality end product.

At every step of the production process, we will strictly inspect all necklaces twice to prevent any defects.

  • No scratches
  • No stones falling out
  • No color fading
  • No surface cracks

More Benefits

You will be pleasantly surprised by our in-house advantages.

  • p02-s06-icon-costs

    No Hidden Costs

    You will be given a clear and final price for your project, from material selection to custom packaging.

  • p02-s06-icon-service

    Customer Support

    We discuss your design and requirements, so that we can assist you to solve any problems through the entire process.

  • p02-s06-icon-solutions

    Packaging Solution

    We can provide all kinds of packaging such as metal boxes, OPP bags, wooden boxes, etc. You can also customize with unconventional packaging.

  • p02-s06-icon-support

    Additional Service

    We can help you source add-ons at affordable prices. Enjoy a reliable, one-stop, time-saving solution for parts or pieces.

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